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A mid-year update..

Fri May 24, 2013, 5:18 AM
Hello everyone :) It's a Friday night and I'm feeling alright so I thought I'd write out an update just as we approach the middle of the year~

Time is flying and some pretty big milestones in my life are coming up. I'm turning 18 in September and my Year 12 exams are in November. University plans have been going back and forth in my head but for now I'm trying to take it all one day at a time. it's only gonna get tougher from here but I'm confident I can smash through it.

Cosplay time: I've been laying low since Supanova due to studies but I had some time last weekend to attend a gaming tournament in Melbourne with :iconbbchibi: which was pretty fun and may have opened up a few awesome opportunities for us in the future (Can't say anything for now)

I've been organizing my next couple of costumes: I really want to pump out Kilik (Soul Eater), Tiger Jackson (Tekken) and Zimos (Saints Row 3) as quickly as possible. I haven't decided if I want to shoot the latter two or just keep them con-exclusive. Not to mention, it's essentially winter here so shooting Kilik will be tough ><

After those costumes are done and dusted I'm not sure what will be next. I've decided that planning ahead for future conventions only really leads to stress and the guilt of obligation tends to kick in. Although, I have been toying with the idea of a League of Legends cosplay at some point; I love the game too much to pass up that sort of opportunity haha.

The next couple of conventions here are Oz Comic-Con, PAX Australia, SMASH and Manifest, all in such rapid succession of each other. I've only really been getting hyped for PAX (for reasons I can't say yet) but I'm hoping that I make the right decisions as to which to attend and ensure time isn't wasted and fun is had. Not to mention, during that end of the year I'll (hopefully) have my head down cramming in the study in preparation for November.

What else? I think I'm starting to appreciate cosplay more and trying to not think of it as a competition. One of my problems was that I was being very judgmental of others and it was incredibly wrong for me to think like that. Who am I to judge others? I now remember to keep myself grounded and that I cosplay because it's fun. Plain and simple. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I know I'm not great at sewing or making props. What I enjoy most about cosplay is the amount of friends I've made and witnessing the different experiences and perspectives that others bring.

I love being friends with some incredible Australian cosplayers that I look up to and ever since I've started cosplaying there's just been so much support in general. I love the community that encompasses cosplay. Being able to even tweet cosplayers like Maridah about random stuff is something that's just so amazing to me.

Everyone brings something new to the table when in cosplay and we can all learn from each other. If not, how would be progress?

I like bringing characters to life and to leave my normal boring self at home for a day or a weekend. I'm never really happy with my costumes even when they're completed but if others like them and it makes them laugh/smile, then that's really more than enough for me.

So, as I wrap this up, I just want to say thanks. To all the people who like and follow my photos on Facebook and deviantArt, to everyone that enjoys my costumes whether at a convention or otherwise, to everyone who has given me tips and work on costumes, to everyone who's had to put up with my complaining the week before the con >< I'm not the most popular person but I'm so grateful for everyone for being so awesome.

I hope everyone enjoys what I do as much as I do and I'll continue to make people proud/laugh/smile/whatever it is I do best :)

Until next time~

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A mid-year update.. by bazkaybee

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BlueGroudon Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cosplay from League ok
Good luck wit your year 12 exams ~ u w u
bazkaybee Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Hobbyist
Will try ^^ Thank you! :'D
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May 24, 2013