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What up guys. Finally sunk into me that it's 2013: brand new year, full of stuff to do. I have no doubt that it's gonna fly by before I know it so I wanted to update with some stuff that's been going on:

1. Kicked off the year with MelCosPho 13. Not gonna lie, it was probably one of the biggest gatherings of cosplayers in Melbourne since probably the last convention (Armageddon). Was insane as to how many people showed up, and for a social chameleon such as myself it was overwhelming not recognizing over 80% of the people there.

I used the meet to debut my first cosplay of the year: Afro Samurai! (Mugshot can be seen here -----> ) It was actually supposed to be my first ever cosplay back at Armageddon 2011 and I was going to make it out of my old Taekwondo uniform (thank god I didn't omg). I had a lot of fun making a cosplay from scratch, thank you to :icondarcywilliam: for giving me the sword to modify and helping me weather the headband and top! I will update my gallery with more photos as I edit etc~

2. Although the next Melbourne convention isn't until Supanova (April 14-15 I believe?) I have begun planning/buying fabrics for the costume I have in mind. I'm taking a huge risk with it but I really do want to step out of my comfort zone and stand out so I hope it's met with some warm reception. I also have to keep in mind that I'm in my final year of high school this year and can't afford to jeopardize my schooling so I'm putting off planning cosplays until further notice (I do have some in mind for PAX though). As it currently stands, 2013 will be a quiet but flamboyant (fml) year in cosplay for me; quiet as in I will most likely debut up to 4 costumes but loud in the sense that I will work my ass off on them and they will be ridiculous! Hopefully I can have them all done by July and from that point I'll just re-wear the same ones for the cons in the second half of the year.

Which brings me to 3. Cons. As of writing I plan on hitting up Supanova Melbourne and PAX so far. I'm not hyped for Oz Comic-Con after last year's fiasco, or Manifest for that matter but as it is the local anime convention I will most likely attend at least one day. Armageddon seems likely to fall on my final exams period but in the off-chance it doesn't then I shall attend one day. One thing I am excited for is going to SMASH (Sydney's anime con) after hearing so much praise for it from my Melbourne friends who attended last year. I'm about a 75% in attending that so hopefully it'll be an awesome time and expecting to see some awesome cosplay!

2013 should be an interesting year. I really want to build up on what I established in 2012 and I want to top the cosplays that people seemed to like. I met some awesome people and I only want to meet more. Hoping to reach new heights so that maybe sometime in 2014 I can head overseas for some cons? The possibilities are endless.

Baz OUT.
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Start to 2013: Cons/Cosplay/Other updates by bazkaybee

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Ettelle Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hopefully you can make it to Smash this year. It's a shame it isn't in either school or uni holidays now that they've moved it to August...
TheSilverApple Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student General Artist
can't wait to see your next cosplays, but don't take time away from your studies
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